Mary Magdalene Rising ~  -  Remembering the Magdalene Within

Try to remember. You're a vortex of fluidic light that has temporarily taken on the form of a human being, suffering amnesia about your true origins. And why did you do that? Because it was the best way to forge the identity that would make you such an elemental force in our 14-billion-year campaign to bring heaven all the way down to earth. “      
 Rob Brezsny     
                                                                                                                                                                            Moving through these incendiary times…
What an amazing journey the last year has been, actually, what an amazing time we live in!
When our lives are being reconfigured in new and unfamiliar patterns (or sometimes falling apart) it can be difficult to find a perspective that has any meaning to us.  The traditional concept of faith doesn't really help when things don't work out the way we think they ought to. There is, however, a different kind of faith that actually trusts in the process of Universal Intelligence that is unfolding in ways that we are unable to imagine but guarantee to bring exactly the experiences we need in order to fulfill our soul path. 
Years ago, a friend of mine said to me, “This is where you are in your story. This is not the end of the story.”  I love this and know it to be true. The experiences that seem like they will devastate us can be the most amazing opportunities of our lives, providing insights into the very nature of life and the passage of time. 

As an astrologer, I am curious about the challenges and blessings in a person’s life because there is always something of great significance that is meant to illuminate our unique soul path. When we repress our intuitive juices or are unable to face certain truths, the Universe will often present us with challenge or catastrophe to get our attention in order to forge the change and transformation that is calling out wholeness. For most of us, the biggest challenge is to nurture Trust in the universal laws of consciousness and thus to uncover our unique and soul purpose. 

What is Soul Astrology?

"As humanity evolves, its astrology must follow suit. If it does not, it will devolve into yet another close-heart system lacking vision and missing the truly beautiful." 
                                                                                                                 Adam Gainsburg

For millennia, astrology has been used for personality typing and prediction.
However, a deeper application reveals the nature of the Soul and Creation itself.
Our culture is in crisis so it behooves us to deeply understand our purpose and potential to fully meet the issues that we face. I'm convinced that finding new possibilities and writing new stories is much more interesting than ambling through old ones. 
In its essence, soul-centric astrology is a tool for identifying the full range of consciousness available to your soul in its unique incarnational journey. It is an elegant instrument for illuminating your true heart-desires as well as revealing unconscious aspects of resistance.

 Your Birth Chart is actually a map of your soul journey and soul purpose, providing a place of observation where you are in conscious relationship to your spiritual path and life challenges in order to live a more intentional and ultimately, Love-based life.
The planets are archetypal bringers of Light ( angels of consciousness) present at your birth. Your planetary signs and placements reveal signature qualities of your psyche and spirit. Emphasis is placed on the outer planets Uranus (radical change), Neptune (spiritual longing), Pluto (bringer of transformation), the nodes of the moon (past life patterns and destiny point), and Chiron (the Wounded Healer). 
 My approach to astrology is a spiritual and energetic inquiry... to help you realize and value what you’re moving through at any given point in your life. My role is to remind you of your original blueprint from the perspective of your soul.

*SOUL CHART READING -The process begins with a 60 to 90-minute Reading that illuminates your and the particular personal challenges you’re chosen in this lifetime.
After the first session, I offer a monthly 30-45 minute session, based on current transits, to focus you in depth on the specific issues you are I invite you to work closely together with me for 3 to 6 months to catalyze you yourself from the gravity of the karmic wheel.

A newly discovered asteroid named Magdalena!

With the rising tide of Divine Feminine Consciousness over the last few decades, Mary Magdalene has beautifully re-emerged to highlight our lives as an embodiment in the souls of many women and men who have soul-lines to Mary Magdalene or the Christos. If you are drawn to these words, you are likely a code-carrier of this lineage. As a conduit for the Magdalena energy, it is my deep joy to assist your remembrance of her in you.  Thus your soul-chart reading may include an emphasis on her position in your birth chart, by request.   

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