Mary Magdalene Rising ~  -  Remembering the Magdalene Within

Illuminating  the Faces of the Divine Feminine in your Soul-chart
(Not for Women Only)

There are inestimable ways to illustrate the feminine nature of the divine. Like a flower in bloom, the divine feminine manifests naturally in response to the conditions through which it unfolds. The essences remain the same but as we change and evolve individually and collectively, so does our experience of and relationship What is also true is that our awareness and choices change Her expression in the world. As we embody the archetypal energies through which She manifests we become our Essence and She becomes more Herself. She requires us. She requires us, just as much as we need and Her.
To imagine, to name, and to our perception of Her is the vital first step.  Traditionally, astrology has demarcated only two aspects of the Feminine through the planetary symbology of the Moon and Venus.  But consciousness has expanded so radically in the past 50 years, considering the divine feminine only through these two lenses has become antiquated and incomplete.  In 1972 at the time of the women’s movement and the discovery of the asteroid Chiron, the Wounded Healer, four other important asteroids “appeared” which were given goddess names. These four… Hera (Partner), Ceres (Mother), Pallas Athene (Creatrix) and Vesta (Keeper of the Flame or Hearth) are coming to deeper realization as more human beings integrate healthy independence and vulnerability in their expression. These four asteroid goddesses create an ancient archetypal template for each woman and man as they are applied to our personal birth charts. When linked to of dharma, they become part of an initiation path into the Feminine nature of the Divine.

For of the asteroids see Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George

The Asteroids:

Ceres. Mother Earth. 
The signs of Virgo and Cancer. Cancer is associated with the moon; our primal roots and our sense of self.  mother is the foundation of loving self and loving others. How well our mothers provided security and affection corresponds to our fundamental self-image and the creation of egocentric structures. This aspect relates to our ability to nurture ourselves, and in turn, to nurture others. Ceres in aspect to the reveals how we live internally, within our emotional bodies.  Co-dependency, worthiness, attachment complexes can be elucidated through the lens of Ceres.
An essential part of healing our core wounds requires the experience of being loved.
Our relationship to the sacred feminine, especially with the Divine Mother is crucial. Mary signifies the redeemed feminine, the love power of the heart and soul. Let me assure you, She is a constant Lady-in-Waiting. She is available to us to the degree we In the interim, she watches each of us with the deepest Love and the highest regard Her abiding patience. She reminds us of our natural purity and innocence. She has a great desire to devote herself to each one of us.
She herself in you as Christ Consciousness. It is through the intervention of and our conscious interaction with the feminine nature of the divine that each of us become prepared in consciousness for the personal experience of birthing Essential Presence. Just as the incarnate, human Mary birthed Jesus and suffered at his death, so Ceres represents our most basic desire for love that also embraces loss and grief. This is the Initiation Path of the Embodiment of Love-in-Action.

Ceres is related to the Moon and Cancer.  In a man’s chart, Ceres placement represents his desire to embrace the feminine, within himself and the women in his life. It reveals his capacity for devotion and dedication to family and society as well as his support of other men. 

Music- Ave Maria (many different versions- find one that resonates with you);  Native American drum and flute; Shaina Noll  - Inner Child Songs; Anonymous 4 - An English Ladymass;  Joanne Shenandoah & Peter Kater – Lifeblood.  (At the end each section I suggest music selections that invoke the unique of each aspect of these sacred four).

Pallas Athene.The Warrior Queen /Dark Madonna. 
The Greeks considered Pallas Athene of wisdom and warfare. highest expression, she becomes aligned with Kali and the Dark Madonna. Led by her inner integrity, she is a divine warrior, the life force, the serpent. She is capable of maniacal dedication. She is courageous, and in her desire to generate justice and balance, She can be ruthless, capable of the destruction of collective systems that do not serve life. At a more personal She points out our ability to pursue our own path and express our deepest longings and convictions. She represents our ability to create and hold boundaries. With power and respect, She is present when we are fed up with hyper-masculine politics and religion She comes to wake us up from out passivities.

Considered the father’s daughter (she was born out of Zeus' head), her sacred nature is “and/both” as opposed to the separating tone of “either/or”.  She reveals the special source of our father complexes and demands our soul work: that we examine our own “truths” as conditioning's, especially those places where we want to control and hold onto. 
She is the voice inside us that asks us to discern our soul longings from our needs for power and security: our tendencies to choose mind over heart, or righteousness over compassion. In other words, her desire is to destruct the false self.
As Christine Downing offers “thus the soul work for a Pallas Athene woman is to recover her lost feminine origins; to see her not as a goddess who has renounced her femininity, but as one who teaches us to recognize courage and vulnerability, creativity and receptivity, as equally feminine qualities.”

Facing the challenges of aging, I acutely feel her ultimatum-like energy as I experience the limits of my body and identity in new ways. This passage can be lonely and difficult as well as and liberating. In I offer this poem (author unknown).

I was never one to identify with PA (my pet anachronism for her) frequencies but in these current times, I feel her alive and well, dancing between my solar plexus and heart as the Dark Madonna. She wants to remind us to claim this relationship "Pay attention to the urgency of  current times, to this moment!", She shouts.
Where is She taking us now? We are constantly called to listen to Her guidance for She is the source of the creative energy force that gives us courage, vulnerability, entree to our shadow, the power to surrender, and the capacity for humility. We must claim through the Shadowlands, to endarken as well as enlighten. This is the Initiation Path of Endarkenment.

Astrologically she is associated with Mars/ Pluto/Scorpio and Saturn/Capricorn, and our relationship to society and the Collective. In a man’s chart, PA reveals fears about not being masculine enough and where he blocks his softness and vulnerability.

Music– Barber's Adagio for Strings; Phil Glass – Low Orff – Carmina Burana

Vesta. The Eternal Flame/ Kuan Yin. 
Vesta is related to Neptune/Pisces, the most obvious “spiritual “components in a birth chart. Vesta is mystical, transcendent and ecstatic illumination. Fire is her element, she is the essence of spiritual alchemy and re-birth. She arises in the passion of Rumi’s poetry. Juxtaposed to Juno or Mary Magdalena, oriented outwardly to other, Vesta is self-contained.

As a vestal virgin who tended the flame at the center of the temple; metaphorically we each tend (or don’t) the Heart-home, the temple within. Thus she requires the ability to center and focus (in Latin focus translates as … to bring consciousness into a state of undivided attention.) So it is that Vesta also “keeps” the eternal flame of life force and sexual alchemy. Her tantric expression is contained within our relationship to /, as embodied and enlightened. Individually she reveals our unique urge to deepen our relationship Spirit Self, to be ourselves.

The natural outflow of this is revealed in our capacity for compassion.  She also illuminates our true vocation or path of service. The shadow aspect of this archetype reveals our addictions and distractions, and penchant for self-destructiveness.
Although our association with Kuan Yin is one of stillness and peace, she is also associated with this fire. I reckon that at the heart of any true flame is equanimity. That’s the paradox. She offers us the exquisite joy of living life for the sake of Being, for the arising possibilities, for the Mystery unfolding as naturally as the next breath. Vesta symbolizes service born out of passion.

 The symbol for Vesta looks like a flame in a cup as well as a lotus flower. Kuan Yin is also often pictured riding on a dragon. This is the Initiation Path of Being and Irrepressible Compassion.

Music : A earthy, contemporary plainsong by Mary Chapin Carpenter – “What if We Went to Italy” (a lyrical metaphor of our internal  desire to just be); Hildegard de Bingen – “Ave Generosa”; "Gabriella’s Song" from  Soundtrack of As it is in Heaven  (a Swedish film); Asian flutes; your favorite meditative music, Vaughn Williams – “The Lark Ascending” (really powerful.)

Juno. Divine Alchemist/Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene is associated with  Juno is an expression of our devotion to of all kinds, supplicating our heart’s devotion to the intimate relationship of our solar and lunar selves. The position of Juno (and aspects it to other planets) indicate in what ways our relationships are likely to be characterized by mutual respect or mistrust. Juno embodies high ideals and courage in the face of opposition and therefore also forces us to confront our innermost others. Are we able to confront or end a dishonest relationship or would we persevere for the sake of security, or because we fear others reactions, or possibly because our own relationship ideals are threatened? On the most basic level, Juno is committed to “mutuality”, how we individually translate our values and principles into grounded interaction with others.

 Stereotypically, she has been portrayed as possessive, competitive, jealous, and suspicious. We all have had these feelings; Juno in the chart helps us to acknowledge and heal these dynamics.

In current times the archetype of Magdalene has been transformed from to Bride by consciousness-trail-blazing women and men; from inferior to spiritual partner. Our conscious and inner connection with Her shifts how we relate to our desire for union with others. Conscious sexual expression and commitment a unique knowledge that allows us to fulfill our deepest selves as we cross the threshold the alchemy of sexual/ spiritual realization. She is the divine consort with her natural desire for as an extension of “inner union”. This is the Initiation Path of Sacred Relationship.

Astrologically, Juno represents the union of the feminine nature with the masculine through the vehicle of through Venus/Libra and the 7 house of intimate others.  
In addition, Juno also opens the door to a greater intimacy between women as well. As we flush out the ways we hold ourselves back, competition turns into collaboration and distrust shifts to relaxation. The Magdalene also brings a more feeling, compassionate, and intuitive relationship to leadership.
In the male psyche, the Juno archetype reveals his relationship to his inner lover and his ability to cherish his mate. It reveals his ability to allow intimacy to unfold into fresh forms as he feels through his heart as well as his sexual desire. It also exposes his respect for women in a universal way.

Juno is related to the zodiac signs of Libra and Scorpio.

Music – “Both Sides Now” – Joni Mitchell; Vaughn Williams - Symphony #5, Romanza; Sarah McLaughlin – “Building a Mystery.” 

The Kuiper Belt  - Four new (dwarf) planets have beyond the well-known ones. All are named bt female deities. I regard them as symbolizing the newly awakening divine feminine patterns that exist everywhere if we have the heart-eyes to see. This shift in consciousness illuminates "Cosmic Conscious", a 5-dimensional  astrological understanding of the archetypal meanings of signs, planets, and aspects. This expansive, evolutionary view includes these recently discovered Kuiper Belt "Objects" that bring to light an expanded new field of consciousness that we are moving into.

Following is a general explanation of each asteroid or "Belt Object" (that I refer to as "shepherdess) and how each relates to your personal Initiation Path. 

ErisA Spiritual warrior, she is inclined to take a strong, fierce stance for herself and others. The prominence of Eris is a Feminine Warrior for soul purpose and serving others to find their passion. The Great Female Awakener is the disruptive force of energy that can’t be contained or held back, she relentlessly moves like a storm surge, and it’s important to remember to let go and allow.  Eris is the inner voice that finally says “enough is enough” and lets it rip.

Sedna - Her mission is that of promoting the reality of conscious choice: remembrance of a balanced, whole, un-polarized consciousness, and good sense and clear conscious choices!
Haumea -Hawaiian goddess, Haumea is the fluidity of manifestation when thought is not hampered by fear, resistance, or the need to control.

Makemake - Reminds us to choose Love over limitation and to re-claim the Self as of all that appears in our lives.

As well as a "new" asteroid named Magdalena!

 Code Carrier of Self-Love 

Do you have a huge longing for you know not what? Do you have sensual, emotional, heart desire or hunger for Union? Do you have a deep knowing or a sense of destiny that you have yet to access fully? Do you deeply feel others?
These are the energetic currents of men and women who have soul threads to the Magdalena Ray.
While seemingly esoteric or mysterious, my experience is that these longings and their fulfillment are at the heart of our day to day living. Connecting your mind and passion, recognizing your mastery and aligning with it, and feeling out the subtleties of your newly upgraded divine feminine operating system creates radiance

You are the One you have been waiting for.

If you are drawn to these words, you also are a code-carrier. As a conduit for the Magdalena energy, it is my deep joy to assist you your own unique, embodied Expression you can sing your song into the world.

Artwork by Shiloh Sophia                                                                            

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